Helpful Tips for Successful Wedding Planning

At the heart of the wonderful wedding is a well-designed and realized wedding concept. It is important that it best reflects your characters and preferences to make you feel comfortable and happy during your wedding day. And so, the wedding will be even more special and unique because it will be yours. Here are five helpful tips for successful wedding planning, with which the wedding will present you in the best possible way.

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1. Put strong bases

The beginning of the wedding preparation is the time to dream without financial constraints (they come to the fore some later). Now it’s important to get an idea of ​​exactly how you want your wedding to look like in general. Scale will be imposed at a later stage. Think of the vision that suits you best to put a solid foundation on your wedding concept. You will be better off by answering several guiding questions.

A small or big wedding?
Which season – spring, summer, autumn, winter?
Outdoors or indoors?
In town or out of town?
Formal or not?

2. Visualize your ideas

Collect different sources of inspiration – gallery with Ideas, wedding magazines, fashion blogs… Save the things you like and can serve you for the wedding concept. Including different fabrics, papers, cardboards, patterns, not limited to sources of inspiration – even a postcard can serve as a theme for your wedding styling.

It is recommended that you keep your favorite photos in albums (best in categories), and inspiration items in a folder or notebook with your favorite wedding items (this notebook / folder will do an excellent job in wedding preparation). This way you will best target the wedding organizer for your preferences.

3. Define a style

Once you gather ideas, you can easily orient yourself to the style of your wedding – rustic, vintage, bohemian, classic, fabulous, glamorous or simple, and why not a combination of styles (such as a simple wedding with vintage elements).

You need to try to be as specific as possible in choosing a style, because wedding decoration will be much more typical and showing your individuality.

When defining the style, you need to decide what degree of elegance you want – a strictly elegant wedding, measured elegance, careless elegance or just carelessness? Do you want to include your hobby in the subject – trips, art, music, sports?

4. Select a color

Choosing a color is very important for your wedding styling and decoration. It is recommended to select at least one primary color and one contrasting accent color, highlighting the main color. An example of such a combination is purple and yellow.

Another alternative is to bet on two equal standing colors that are equally strong in the wedding decoration (example – pale pink and mint green).

You can also choose variety and mix many colors, but watch out for tones because this strategy poses risks of failing combining nuances.
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